Plan your people flexibly
and don't let a penny go to waste.

Plan your capacity flexibly, so you can deploy people optimally. Make registering hours easy for your consultants and see at a glance what you can invoice. That way, you'll never miss a single penny.

  • Predict your capacity and ensure optimal staffing.
  • Don't waste time with time registration.
  • View the billable hours per team, employee or project.
  • Invoice quickly and easily.
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They plan their capacity and invoice with Teamleader Orbit:

I can see at a single glance what everyone is working on, who has time left and who is fully booked.
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Glenn Fellows Managing Partner Lunar

Our top features for companies in consulting:

  1. Flexible resource and capacity planning.

    Schedule employees with a simple drag & drop and track your team in real-time. The capacity dashboard gives you detailed information about the current and future occupation of your employees. This way, you can avoid capacity or deadline problems.

  2. Register time easily.

    Nobody likes to keep track of their hours. That is why we made it as easy as possible. Click on a task, drag it into your calendar and link it to invoicing. No double work and easy to report. Use standard flows to approve timesheets and keep control of what customers are charged.

  3. Invoicing and improving your cash flow.

    Create, send and manage your invoices in a few clicks. Set up recurring invoices and link to your accounting software. Get an overview of your most profitable customers and predict your turnover with comprehensive reporting. Improve your cash flow and get paid faster.

  4. Statistics and reporting.

    Do you want to check how a project is progressing, do you need an overview of the timesheets, or do you want to know what percentage of hours worked by a team can be invoiced? You get the figures on a plate at any time. Need more? With any piece of information in Teamleader Orbit you build your own reports.

  5. Direct contact with your customer.

    Without consultation, a project is doomed to fail. That's why you can have discussions directly in Teamleader Orbit, both with your staff and with your customer. Keep everything about your project in a central database and stay in control.

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We guide you through the start-up.

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We guide you through the start-up.

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