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Creatieve marketingbureaus Block R

One place for your customer data, time registration and invoicing. With Teamleader Focus, you have the communication history of each customer in one overview. Manage deadlines and track multiple projects simultaneously. Register your time worked and convert your time registration into invoices or reports. Work smarter, save time and sell more.

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Give Teamleader Focus a spin and try us out for two weeks. And if it doesn’t work out between us? No worries. You won’t pay a dime.

This is how Teamleader Focus helps you work smarter and sell more:

  • EN Eén plaats voor al je contacten

    One place for all your contacts.

    Store all your contacts in one digital database. Add customer data in a flash: enter the VAT number, Teamleader Focus does the rest. With the mobile app, you can even do that on the move.

  • EN Registreer nauwgezet met de Time Tracker

    Track time spent on a project.

    Track time spent on all your tasks, meetings and phone calls, and link them to a project or customer. Use our Time Tracker while you work or enter time spent on a project at the end of the day. This way, you can easily keep track of billable hours for correct invoices and clear reports.

  • EN Duidelijke rapportage

    Gain insight into your team's performance.

    Gain insight into how your team is performing each day, week or month through statistics. Pull reports overall, by client or by project.

  • EN Projecten beheren

    Visualise multiple projects.

    Visualise all your current projects with the cross-projects Timeline. Discover gaps in your planning and see at a glance which project needs your attention.

  • EN Blijf binnen budget

    Stay within budget, protect your profit margin.

    Check if you will stay within your budget for projects. And see your expected profit at a glance. So you can act in time, make better decisions and be transparent to customers, employees and managers.

  • EN Factureren

    Invoice from quotations or projects.

    Create invoices directly from a quotation or project. Set prices in advance, work with an hourly rate or based on materials. It's up to you.

More than 3,500 marketing and creative agencies already work with Teamleader Focus:

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